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Cheap real estate loan: free simulation


Lighten your monthly payments for a cheap home loan

 Lighten your monthly payments for a cheap home loan

Depending on the duration of the mortgage and the borrowing rate , the monthly payments will be more or less important. For example, a capital repayable over 7 years imposes much longer deadlines than if the borrower chooses to repay it in 20 years. Similarly, for an equal duration, a 2.45% loan generates higher monthly payments than if the APR is only 1.76%.

It is therefore in the interest of the borrower to find a cheap home loan if he wants to pay for it without suffocating his budget. He must be able, in parallel, to face his other possible credits and his household expenses. The debt ratio must not exceed 33% of a household’s resources.

Banks and lending institutions setting their own rates, it is fashionable to opt for the one that is the most competitive.

Negotiate the fees

 Negotiate the fees

The costs of a mortgage can, in many cases, add to the final rating. Fortunately, thanks to the tough competition that benefits consumers, a borrower can negotiate the costs of his credit.
It should be known that these can represent up to 1% of borrowed capital, which is considerable. Finding a cheap home loan therefore implies that one opts for an institution capable of renegotiating these costs downwards, or even to abolish them altogether.

Call a broker for a cheap home loan

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A mortgage broker is a professional whose role is to select the best loan conditions and find the cheapest loan for his client.

Credit insurance: he offers his client a product perfectly adapted to his situation so that he enjoys a good quality / price ratio without paying any excess. For example, credit insurance costs between 0.5 and 0.7% of the capital borrowed and can go down to 0.15% thanks to the intervention of a broker. For example, he may advise him to prefer the delegation of insurance.

Find the loan specific to his client: let’s not forget that a broker is a financial analyst with a strong knowledge of real estate credit. It is often better than banks to find a cheap home loan from a particular region, a social organization or certain borrower profiles.

Use the real estate credit comparator


Counting and studying countless credit offers takes time and requires a lot of energy. By choosing the Lynx comparator, a selection of the cheapest loans only takes a few minutes. In a few clicks, the interested party is offered banks and credit organizations able to offer the cheapest real estate loans on the market. Favorable credit rates, reduced or non-existent fees, competitive credit insurance are all essential criteria for finding a cheap loan.

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