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Personal Payday Loan and Rental-Purchase: What is the Most Advantageous Solution?


Unfortunately, our finances do not always allow us to offer the goods, the trips or the house of our dreams when we need them.

In this case, several options are available to us to make the purchases or to start the desired projects, without digging into our money.

Among all these solutions, we find in particular lease-purchase and Personal payday loan.

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of these options in order to make the best choice according to your needs and your situation.

Personal payday loan and lease-purchase in a few words

The Personal payday loan

The Personal payday loan represents an amount donated by a bank or private institution that allows you to finance any project.

This method of financing does not require you to save for years before being able to offer you the desired project or item or spend the accumulated money on your bank account.

You can realize your dream easily and quickly!

Personal financing is also associated with interest rates during the repayment period and this is usually done periodically and consistently.


Leasing consists of renting an item in installments to a lender.

Once the payments are complete, you have the choice to buy the item in question or not.

Usually, your monthly payments will be lower on the lease than on the purchase and just like the Personal payday loan, interest rates apply during the lease-purchase.

This solution is attractive when one likes to regularly change devices, including electronic, to keep up with technological developments.

The benefits of these two borrowing systems

The benefits of these two borrowing systems

Personal payday loan: the benefits

This type of financing is flexible, since you can use it for any project, without any justification on your part.

So you can take part of the loan for a new television and the other to afford a trip to the south, your choice!

In addition, you automatically become the proud owner of an asset! Some people have the impression of paying in a vacuum when they rent and they do not appropriate the object or the home.

Leasing: the advantages

Did you know that no credit inquiry is required during the lease-purchase?

So, despite a bad record, you could have access to the coveted article!

While interest rates apply to the two methods mentioned, they could be lower in the case of lease-purchase. In the end, you may pay less with this financing method, but it will not be yours until you have exercised the existing call option.

During this process, the lender will also establish a history of your payments, which will help you build a credit report.



The point is that there is not one right answer. The chosen method will depend on your situation and your needs.

Know that NCR Loans allows you to apply for a Personal payday loan easily, online and without prior credit investigation if you decide that this option is the one that suits you best.

If you are unsure of the best solution, we invite you to contact an NCR Loans expert, who will answer all your questions.

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