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Windsurfing insurance loan real estate

Do you practice a sports activity, windsurfing and you want to guarantee at best a loan in progress? Check out our special file borrow with risk sporting windsurfing …

Take out loan insurance for windsurfing

Take out loan insurance for windsurfing


Windsurfing is a floating craft that has a free sail allowing it to sail by the only force of the wind. This is a sport or leisure activity that is practiced at sea or in fresh water.

For a new loan, with guarantee related to sports risks windsurfing

For a new loan, with guarantee related to sports risks windsurfing

The same sports borrower can search, find and take out external credit insurance at the bank. To compete, the broker specialized in sports risk management windsurfing will find the best insurance contract for the loan. Tip: Contact sports associations for specific information before subscribing.

Real estate risk insurance

Loan insurance is an essential guarantee to protect you during a mortgage but also unavoidable since the banks require its subscription to grant a long-term loan. Indeed, although the law does not require adherence to guarantee a mortgage, banks want it to be put in place to guard against possible repayment default on the part of the borrower. It allows the assumption of the total or partial repayment of the loan by the insurer in case of death and disability of the borrower. Since 1 September 2010, when the Lagarde law came into force, banks can not refuse a delegation of insurance (insurance is taken out of their establishment) if the outsourced contract has guarantees at least equivalent to those group contract (standard group insurance) that they offer to the borrower.

Define the risks of windsurfing to guarantee:

  • fractures, muscular problem
  • Fall, fresh …

For a loan in progress, with guarantee related to sports risks windsurfing

For a loan in progress, with guarantee related to sports risks windsurfing

Are you really good for your loan with the practice of windsurfing?

Check your current loan insurance contract to define the important points to modify, if there are points to improve you can easily negotiate the loan insurance change with your bank, it is in your interest but also that of the beneficiary of this insurance. Advice: Consult the file change assurance for loan real estate on our site

Windsurfing: pay attention to “exclusions”

Windsurfing: pay attention to "exclusions"

All loan insurance contracts include “exclusions”, which are risks not covered by the insurer. Windsurfing can be part of it because it is an activity considered “at risk”. The introduction of insurance adapted to this practice will then require the application of special conditions, which will result in an increase in the insurance premium (premium).

The windsurfing expertise of the loan insurance broker

The sports borrower can subscribe to tailor-made insurance, according to the risks of his practice windsurfing. The sports windsurfing said to be at risk can be covered correctly during a real estate loan with the insurance coverage sports windsurfing customized by the broker with brief deadlines.

Entrust your search for the best insurance loan offer to a broker! The loan insurance specialist www.Nero can offer you the cheapest loan insurance solutions on the market that best meet your needs.

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